ceragol ultra Nano Screen Cleaner

We’ve developed our ceragol ultra Nano ScreenCleaner for use in office and household. It was specifically designed for cleaning monitors and displays, including high-grade TFT, LCD, plasma, laptop or even conventional tube screens.

Due to its active ingredients and additives it dissolves grease, dirt and even nicotine extremely well. Great results with little effort.

To achieve longer cleanliness we have employed nano technology to make the cleaned surfaces dirt and dust repellent. At the same time the surfaces are protected against those annoying fingerprints. ceragol ultra Nano ScreenCleaner does not only free your screen of dirt, it also protects it for the future.

The high-grade high-tech fine nozzle head provides optimal and economic application of the cleaning and sealing solution on the surfaces to be cleaned.

We recommend using our ceragol ultra Nano Micro Fiber Cloths for optimal cleaning and maintenance. It penetrates deeply into the surface yet remains gentle to the materials.

The ceragol ultra Nano ScreenCleaner is available in 50ml bottles. We offer attractive sales displays for stores with 20,30 or 50 bottles.


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