Display Cleaning Set

  • Display Cleaning Set

We have developed our screen cleaner for office and household especially for the cleaning of screens and displays.

Due to its active ingredients and additives it dissolves grease, dirt and even nicotine extremely well. Perfect cleanliness without effort. Perfect cleanliness without effort.

The associated lotus effect provides long-lasting protection against finger marks and makes surfaces dirt and dust repellent at the same time.

50 ml bottle with atomiser and microfibre cloth.

  • TFT displays
  • LCD displays
  • Plasma displays
  • CRT displays

Display Cleaning Set

50 ml + cloth





PU 20


Display cleaner, single

50 ml

PU 20 in sales display


PU 30 in sales display


PU 50 in sales display


We have developed our Nano screen cleaner for office and household especially for the cleaning of screens and displays.

Due to its active substances and additives, it dissolves grease, dirt and even nicotine extremely well, thus achieving perfect cleanliness with little effort.

In order to maintain cleanliness for longer, we have given this product a lotus effect by means of further additives to make the cleaned surfaces dirt and dust repellent and protect them from annoying finger marks at the same time. It not only frees your display from dirt, but also protects it permanently at the same time.

The sprayer has a capacity of 50ml. Larger bottles, as used by manufacturers of similar products, are simply unnecessary, as our product is equipped with an atomiser, which ensures the economical application of the cleaning agent onto the surface to be treated.

Thus, a 50ml sprayer is sufficient for many more cleaning processes (10-30, depending on the size) than the much larger bottles of our competitors. The sprayer was kept small so that it easily fits into any laptop bag or desk drawer.

We recommend exclusively using our top-quality microfibre cloth for optimal cleaning and conditioning. It allows the cleaning solution to penetrate deep down into the pores, yet still treats the surface to be cleaned gently. It is included in our Display Cleaning Set.

Additionally wipe with the cloth after cleaning and enjoy the lint-free and streak-free shine.

  • Spray the screen cleaner over the full surface of the plasma / LCD / TFT screen, tube monitor, mobile phone etc., spread it with a/the microfibre cloth and carefully rub it dry.
  • • The display cleaner is suitable for all types of screens. In the case of special high-gloss / crystal screens, streaks may occasionally be unavoidable.
  • In this case the screen must be cleaned with more cleaning fluid, the fluid must be thoroughly rubbed in and carefully dried.
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