Comtag AG

1999 | Foundation

Foundation of Comtag AG in Pfäffikon, Community of Freienbach

1999-2010 | Wholesale trade

“We move mountains” is the credo of Comtag AG and clearly refers to the wholesale market. Buying goods where they are readily available and selling where they are needed. Core products are textiles, wine and meat. Another mainstay is the trade and management of real estate.

2004-today | ceragol ultra – Competence in cleaning and conditioning

With the brand ceragol ultra, Comtag AG pursues a new line of business We have developed an entire product portfolio in the cleaning and descaling sector and established it on the market. Especially in the coffee machine sector, in line with the motto “Competence in cleaning and care”, the range of products uniquely covers the entire field. Whether limescale, coffee grease, milk fat and milk protein residues or finger marks, the portfolio offers the suitable cleaning agents for any contamination. The products are available in liquid form, as tablets, powder or granulate, as required. All products have been created in close cooperation with renowned coffee machine manufacturers and service companies and are constantly being further developed.

Cooperation projects with competent international partners were concluded based on long-standing market experience. They make it possible to flexibly and quickly react to even the most stringent requirements. Production, which is exclusively located in Germany and Switzerland, guarantees fast and uncomplicated delivery and permanently flawless goods.

The ceragol ultra branded products have been well established in the end customer, service and repair sectors. It therefore seems logical to become active in the vending field. Because there is one thing that coffee machines in households and gastronomy have in common with automatic vending machines – cleaning, conditioning, cleanliness and hygiene promote both enjoyment and acceptance. Only a perfectly conditioned, hygienic automatic machine provides the customer with an excellent product of optimal flavour. Only a perfect product turns the one-time buyer into a permanent customer.

The automatic machines are exposed to extreme stress particularly in the vending sector and are always in the field of vision of the customers. Normal household agents for cleaning and conditioning do not meet these requirements. This requires highly-effective products especially developed for the purpose. On the one hand they accomplish the maximum effect, while on the other hand protecting and conditioning the automatic machines. The maintenance of the value of the automatic machines secures the investments.