Premium Function Oil

Our food-safe lubricating oil in the practical aerosol can is ideal for lubricating the brewing unit, hinges and other parts of the coffee machine. This can prevent irritating noises and wear. The application options are so versatile – our Function Oil even loosens seized parts and makes stiff mechanisms flexible again. Due to the NSF H1 approval, our oil is also suitable for areas coming into contact with food.

Areas that are difficult to access can be easily reached and precisely lubricated by using the extended outlet tube.

  • Bewing unit
  • Sealing rings
  • Hinges
  • All moving parts
  • Stuck parts
  • Sewing machine
  • Slicer machine

Premium Function Oil – Spray

200 ml





PU 6


The Premium Function Oil is suitable for the lubrication and cleaning of all moving parts of coffee machines and of other devices, of course.

It can also be used as penetrating and lubricating oil. Furthermore, the oil has an NSF H1 approval and is therefore food-safe.

The practical aerosol can with an extended outlet ensures easy and precise handling.

The lubricating oil is odourless and additionally ensures corrosion protection of the metal parts.
It is neutral towards painted surfaces, metals, wood, rubbers and plastics.

In order to prevent wear and irritating noises it is recommended to lubricate moving parts of coffee machines and other devices regularly.

Free from silicone, PTFE, acid and resin.

  1. Clean the surface to be lubricated
  2. Apply a thin layer of Premium Function Oil
  3. Wipe off excess oil
NSF H1 approval
Precision sprayer