Profi descaler - bottle - 1000ml

Profi descaler

The Profi descaler is the all-rounder when it comes to removing limescale. Can be used anywhere, easily and effectively. It is stronger in comparison with the Premium descaler and thus dissolves the limescale even faster.

Depending on the surface and degree of limescale, the Profi descaler can be diluted with water and is then even more economical. Our Profi descaler also has additives blended in. They provide corrosion protection for the metal parts and help to safeguard the plastic components. The concentrate is very economical.

Flash Limescale Cleaner - Flasche - 500ml

Flash Limescale Cleaner

You can gently clean your entire bathroom and kitchen area by using our cleaner for sanitary facilities. It effortlessly removes limescale, dirt and rust deposits. It cleans effectively and makes scrubbing and scouring unnecessary.

The cleaned surfaces are immediately sealed by means of special additives, providing long-lasting protection. They stay clean for longer and do not need to be cleaned as frequently. Very economical 500ml spray bottle.



The turbo cleaner cleans the entire kitchen area. It acts quickly, powerfully loosens heaviest dirt and grease contamination from almost all surfaces and seals them effectively.

Due to the generated lotus effect, cleanliness is maintained longer, the cleaned surfaces become dirt and dust repellent and are sealed against annoying finger marks at the same time. PowerClean frees your entire kitchen from dirt and grease. Very economical 500ml spray bottle.