Premium descaler

The powerful but gentle branded descaler for all high-quality coffee and espresso machines. The handy 500ml bottle is predestined for use in private households. The concentrate is sufficient for 5 complete descaling processes.

Our descaler contains 6 top-quality additives, which ensure corrosion protection of metal parts and also help to safeguard the plastic components. Therefore, hot descaling is possible without any problems. The descaler for professionals now also for your home.

Profi descaler

The Profi descaler is the all-rounder when it comes to removing limescale. Can be used anywhere, easily and effectively. It is stronger in comparison with the Premium descaler and thus dissolves the limescale even faster.

Depending on the surface and degree of limescale, the Profi descaler can be diluted with water and is then even more economical. Our Profi descaler also has additives blended in. They provide corrosion protection for the metal parts and help to safeguard the plastic components. The concentrate is very economical.

Descaler for boiler scale

Specially developed for trade and industry, our boiler scale remover removes the most stubborn boiler scale, limescale and urine scale.

The effective combination of active ingredients, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid, ensures extremely powerful and rapid descaling, even completely clogged components and surfaces are freed up again.

The corrosion inhibitors contained protect metals. Due to the particularly high concentration of the active ingredients, an economical dosage is possible.

Pronto CremaClean - canister - 10l

Milk system cleaner

The milk system cleaner for all milk-carrying devices. Simple, hygienic and clean. During the cleaning process, our product removes all fat and protein deposits that develop when making cappuccino or caffe latte in a foodsafe manner.

The cleaning agent is particularly economical thanks to its concentrated formula. A quantity of only 20 ml is sufficient for an application. The 500 ml bottle is sufficient for up to 25 cleaning processes.

Premium cleaning powder - tin 1000g

Premium cleaning powder

Our “powerful” cleaning powders for a quick cleaning of the brewing group. The enclosed measuring spoon ensures optimal use.

Professional cleaning for perfect espresso and coffee quality. The special cleaning formula effectively and completely removes coffee grease and coffee oil residues. This not only gives you a purer coffee flavour, but is also gentle to your coffee machine at the same time. Excess pressure caused by clogged strainers is avoided. 1000g, sufficient for approx. 250 applications.

Coffee Clean - canister - 5l

Coffee Clean

The cleaner for inside your fully automatic coffee machine, which additionally conditions and protects. Unique on the market.

Never before was it so easy to keep your fully automatic coffee machine hygienically clean. Even coffee grease does not present a problem and can be easily removed using the special cleaning formula. And best of all – the important silicone-based sliding greases remain untouched. Therefore it is unnecessary to re-lubricate the moving parts after cleaning. The 250 ml spray bottle is extremely economical.

PowerClean - canister - 5l


The turbo cleaner cleans the entire kitchen area. It acts quickly, powerfully loosens heaviest dirt and grease contamination from almost all surfaces and seals them effectively.

Due to the generated lotus effect, cleanliness is maintained longer, the cleaned surfaces become dirt and dust repellent and are sealed against annoying finger marks at the same time. PowerClean frees your entire kitchen from dirt and grease. Very economical 500ml spray bottle.

Flash Limescale Cleaner- canister - 5l

Flash Limescale Cleaner

You can gently clean your entire bathroom and kitchen area by using our cleaner for sanitary facilities. It effortlessly removes limescale, dirt and rust deposits. It cleans effectively and makes scrubbing and scouring unnecessary.

The cleaned surfaces are immediately sealed by means of special additives, providing long-lasting protection. They stay clean for longer and do not need to be cleaned as frequently. Very economical 500ml spray bottle.

Grinder cleaner

The grinder cleaner offers professional cleaning for all types of grinders, especially for coffee machines.

The combination of coffee beans as a natural carrier material and highly efficient cleaning formula removes contamination without leaving any residues.

Especially coffee grease and oils, which are responsible for the bitter aftertaste, are completely removed. The grinder cleaner saves a lot of work, as a thorough and complete cleaning process used to entail the entire disassembly of the grinder unit. The grinder cleaner saves a lot of work, as a thorough and complete cleaning process used to entail the entire disassembly of the mill unit.

Premium Function Oil

Our food-safe lubricating oil in the practical aerosol can is ideal for lubricating the brewing unit, hinges and other parts of the coffee machine. This can prevent irritating noises and wear. The application options are so versatile – our Function Oil even loosens seized parts and makes stiff mechanisms flexible again. Due to the NSF H1 approval, our oil is also suitable for areas coming into contact with food.

Hard-to-reach areas can be easily reached and precisely lubricated thanks to the extended outlet tube.