Descaler for boiler scale

Specially developed for trade and industry, our boiler scale remover removes the most stubborn boiler scale, limescale and urine scale.

The effective combination of active ingredients, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid, ensures extremely powerful and rapid descaling, even completely clogged components and surfaces are freed up again.

The corrosion inhibitors contained protect metals. Due to the particularly high concentration of the active ingredients, an economical dosage is possible.

  • Boiler
  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Boiler
  • Heat exchanger
  • Hot water devices
  • sanitary facilities
  • Acid resistant surfaces

Descaler for boiler scale

10 L

Heavy mineral deposits such as scale cannot be removed with conventional descalers. Therefore, affected areas or parts are often completely replaced. But with our special descaler, this is no longer necessary, because these residues can now be easily removed with our highly effective product.

The range of applications is versatile and includes boilers, instantaneous water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, hot water appliances, toilets and acid-resistant surfaces.

Depending on the severity of the deposit, the scale remover can be used diluted or pure.

Dangerous goods. Sale to traders only.

1) Check the material compatibility at a concealed location.
2) Apply descaler diluted or undiluted or immerse parts in it.
3) Allow to act briefly and rinse with fresh water.