Safety sprayer

We use only spray heads with child safety closures for our spray bottles.

As you can clearly see in the illustration on the right, the spray head has a so-called “Double Action” mechanism. This means that it is impossible for a child to easily press the trigger of the bottles. There is a catch behind the trigger that needs to be squeezed and pulled down after which the trigger of the sprayer can be easily pressed. This mechanism is so practical because it prevents children from reaching the contents, while the bottle still remains easy to use even for the elderly.

But it is also important that the sprayer cannot be pulled off the bottle, as the safety mechanism could otherwise be easily bypassed.

In order to prevent opened bottled from being sold, each sprayer has a tamper-proof closure, which automatically falls off when the sprayer is used for the first time and cannot be put back in place.

The first trigger spray bottle with child safety closure certified acc. to EU Standard ISO 8317/89.

Funktionsweise Sicherheitssprayer
Functioning of the safety sprayer