Environmental protection

Apart from the quality of the products it is important to also keep an eye on the environment. It is the living environment of us all and provides the raw materials we need to manufacture our products. We should therefore make sure that it remains unharmed in future, too.

ceragol ultra and the Environmental protection


For chemical products it is always important to pay particular attention to environmental protection and the environmental compatibility of the products. For instance, one might think that acid-based descalers are harmful to the environment. The truth is that the acid reacts with the limescale during the descaling process. They form salts in the process. In doing so, the acid of the active substance is neutralised. Any possibly unused active substance neutralises the lyes that are excessively present in the waste water (from washing agents etc.). This prevents eutrophication of the waters. The high limescale dissolving power of our descaling products enables economical dosing and is therefore gentle to the environment.

Grüner Punkt


Since August 2003, the environmental and disposal expert Landbell has operated a certified and independentDual System, which offers services not only nationwide, but also throughout Europe. Due to the composite Dual System, the empty bottles can be recycled.



More and more products are now filled into PET containers due to their excellent recyclability. Compared with other packaging materials, PET has a weight reduction of up to 90%. This means that transport is not only considerably more economical, it is also beneficial for the environment. Thanks to its outstanding material properties, PET is almost unbreakable. This saves breakages during filling, transport and use. And even if damage occurs, there are no splitters that could cause injuries. It ensures optimal protection of all consumers. We aim to continuously expand this in future.


Green electricity

Our manufacturer, Innocent International GmbH, relies exclusively on green electricity for filling and bulk production. Electricity from nuclear, coal-fired or oil-fired power stations remain unused. The company counts only on energy from environmentally friendly sources.