Cleaning tablets for drinking bottles

Deposits in bottles, coffee mugs, thermos flasks, etc. are often difficult and costly to remove. Due to the narrow feed openings the dishwasher usually does not reach every corner of the bottles.

Therefore, we have developed our food-safe cleaning tabs, these act quickly and thoroughly and clean even places where dishwashers and brushes can not reach.

  • insulated & glass bottles
  • plastic bottles
  • thermoses
  • reusable cups
  • soda bottles & carafes
  • vases
  • teapots
  • hydration-bladders / bags

Cleaning tablets for drinking bottles

30 tabs





PU 20


Our cleaning tablets for drinking bottles guarantee fast and hygienic cleaning. Thanks to active oxygen the effective cleaning formula of the dirt remover tabs removes even the most stubborn deposits of tea syrup coffee juice and neutralizes bad odors.

It does not matter what material the bottles is made of, whether glass, plastic, stainless steel or coated aluminum the cleaning tab removes the deposits effortlessly. Due to the small opening of many bottles, the bottles often can not be cleaned 100% in the dishwasher. The same applies to jugs, cups, drinking bags or even vases, here too, ceragol cleaning tablets can be used.

To meet our quality standards, we have production exclusively in Germany. All our products are subject to strict quality control.The high quality blister packaging guarantees the sustainability of our quality product. Each individual tablet still has its full cleaning power even after a considerable storage period.

Our Premium cleaning tablets have an outstanding price-performance ratio. Our value pack contains 30 cleaning tablets and is therefore sufficient for 30 cleaning processes.